What Are the Duties of Private Investigators?

Don’t you love how Hercule Poirot solves the crime just by noticing everything minutely? Have you never had a secret dream of becoming one of the suave detectives yourself?

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Reality is far too different than either the imaginary characters or the dreamy ones. The real detectives have to think of too many boundaries. They make mistakes unlike the know-it-all detectives of the books. If you really want to know how the real private eyes like Toronto private investigator works, then check out the following information.



This sound really mundane, however, it is the primary work of any successful private detective. They have to solve the problem without violating any laws. Thus, researching becomes the primary weapon for most of the private eyes. For any case they might have to research on family history, any previous crimes, legal record etc. As per the Toronto private investigator, researching is not the end of the job. After it is complete, an investigator has to start analyzing the materials to find the required information about the case.

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This is the real deal. Fact-finding majorly depends on the people. After gathering enough information about the case, the detective starts to interview the relevant candidates. The response of these persons is often recorded with the permission of the person. After the interview is over, the grinding work of comparing the details start. The professionals of Toronto private investigator explains that the detective has to find out the truth by comparing everyone’s version of the event. This herculean task is called evidence gathering.


If the detective is hired to know the whereabouts of another person, then they have to conduct surveillance. This means the detective has to watch the person without making him or her aware. They have to write a report on what the person is doing or where he is going and then submit it to the client. The real detectives, however, have to remember not to break any laws during this process. The Toronto private investigator explains that unlike imaginary detectives, the real ones can get arrested and prosecuted in a court of law.

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Types of Private Investigators

In television and in the books, celebrated detectives can solve any crimes in a second. In reality, the private investigator has to gain expertise in a certain field to find out the truth. Thus, there are many categories of private investigators. Check out below to know more about them.

  • Computer Forensic Investigators: They are specialized in recovering, presenting and analyzing information from computers which can then be presented as evidence.
  • Legal Investigators: They locate witnesses, verify facts for the civil lawsuits, prepare the party for criminal defenses and serve legal documents to the party. They often work for law firms and lawyers.
  • Financial Investigators: They investigate on the companies and individuals who are to conduct large sums of transactions. They often work closely with private banks and accountants.

If you need all these types of services then you can contact Toronto private investigator as they have expert investigators in all these segments and many more.

Do you think you can become a private investigator in real life? You can find a job in this category even if you have little or no previous experience. The training type of such professions is entirely on the job. If you love a good thrill then this is no doubt the best job for you.